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Mura Masa: Master Craftsman of Modern Music

When the world breathed life into Alex Crossan, Apollo looked down from his heavenly throne, and recognized something peculiar about him. He noticed they shared a gift; an intrinsically beautiful talent that danced around the soul of this newborn child. It was the gift of music. However, this gift would not be fully realized until Crossan was mature enough to untie the tightly knotted ribbons. So, Apollo remained patient, strummed his lyre, and waited for his talents to blossom. That time has now passed, and since then Crossan’s potential has flourished into a musical garden, bursting to life with mellifluous melodies. At the youthful age of 19, he has already released one album, and an EP under the moniker ‘Mura Masa’: Soundtrack to a Death (2014), and Someday Somewhere (2015), both of which embody the craftsmanship, and maturity of someone you would expect to be much older. His overarching sound carries a humble Eastern influence, which is brought to life with elements of the Trap and Hip-Hop genres. It’s sharp, cutting with the double-edged sword of raw instrumentation and electronic finesse. It’s fluid; the artistry of his production shapes to the container of any genre he experiments with. Apollo now looks down on Crossan with envious tears in his eyes, wishing he could create to his likeness—to the extent that he can. Maybe someday, Apollo. Someday, somewhere. Namaste むら まさ

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