UNO Stereo: Musical Progression, Defined

Unique and high-caliber—these dueling characteristic are certainly a rarity among newer artists. With the recent influx of wannabe DAW users, it’s becoming difficult to find underground producers who avoid recycling overused drum beats, dried out baselines, and basic chord progressions. That being said, there is one artist by the name of UNO Stereo who seems to be breaking this stagnate cycle with his musically creative perspective. Nic Martin, the brilliant Sydney-based producer behind this one man act, is a visionary who understands the concept of ‘quality over quantity,’ especially in relation to the arts. Besides Martin’s co-production work (most notably with artists Jay Sean, and Illy), he has released only a small handful of songs. Though, if you listen intently, you will find that his personal production style is treated as a craft—no different than painting or writing. Every instrument has intention, every background nuance a purpose, and he weaves them together for an audibly alluring result. A lack of discography should never be a reason to disregard musicians such as Nic Martin. It is smaller artists like this who embody musical progression—who define their respective genres, and give birth to the next. That is something to be not only noticed, but revered.

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