TAJAN: An Artist Gone, but Back Again

Before diving head-first into his production style, it should be mentioned that this Utah-based artist is quite the intriguing character. Over a two year period (beginning in early 2013), he uploaded a total of six songs on SoundCloud, and they all gained some reasonable traction, averaging ~500k listens a piece. Then, without warning, Tajan went incognito—disappearing from the music scene altogether, and even abandoning his social media accounts in a year long hiatus. It wasn’t until just a few weeks ago (Sept. 12, 2015) that Tajan posted a long awaited update: “It’s been a minute…lots of upcoming music to be release very soon.” And at that, all of his fans breathed a collective sigh of relief. For those unfamiliar with Tajan’s music, he operates almost exclusively in the realm of chillwave. With the utilization of reverberating percussion, wavy synth leads, and smooth vocal samples, he has certainly mastered the genre. Chillwave, along with the other sub-categories of electronic music, often sound synthetic in nature, but Tajan seems to be challenging this notion. His instrumentation flows so fluidly that it evokes a sense of naturalism. It’s organic. It feels like resting on a bed of grass under a blanket of stars, with the wind gently kissing your cheeks. We like that.

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