Owl Eyes: Elegantly Dark, Gracefully Nocturnal

Brooke Addamo, better known by her moniker Owl Eyes, is a diamond underneath a display case of costume jewelry. Over the last few decades, multitudes of female artists have risen to fame through the wide spectrum of modern pop music, but the genre has quickly become saturated with singers who suffer from the same debilitating disease: lack of originality. However, through a homogeneous injection of pure, innovative artistry, and refreshing musical inventiveness, Miss Addamo seems to have found a cure for this common cold. Owl Eyes initially came to fruition through a triad of consecutive EPs. In 2013, she released her first full-length album, Nightswim, which captured a darker ambiance to Addamo’s multi-faceted talents. Although the general vibe of her music has matured since her debut, most of her songs are written from a nostalgic, 80’s synth-pop perspective, while focusing heavily on fluid production value. What sets Owl Eyes apart from other singers is the unique utilization of her voice. Rather than layering lyrics over a track, Addamo knits herself into the songs themselves, allowing her voice to amalgamate beautifully with the other instruments. The sound is superb from the ground up, and all one can ask for is more of the same.

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